The Nameless Ones

My friend and I were discussing about animals in their farm. They breed and raise pigs One pig he named Betsy, a very suitable name for a pig.
pigsHe happened to like Betsy a lot and we started discussing names of our pets.

I named my cat, Lucy. He named his cat Lucifer. Luci for short. He loves his cat and he is going back to the farm to bring Luci to the city.

Then I returned to Betsy and asked him since he named one of the pigs, is Betsy his pet?

Heck, no! He exclaimed. Betsy became an offering to the gods.
roasted-pigOne fellow blogger has a rule about naming names:

We have a rule in my house. If you name it, you can’t eat it. So far I haven’t named any tomatoes. – Kate Crimmins


14 thoughts on “The Nameless Ones

  1. i agree Hows it possible to kill a pet u gave a name? we have in the Netherlands a Xmass add abt a rabbit. His name was Flappy ( kids pet) his cage was empty when kids got home and for dinner??? YES rabbit.
    I feel negativ goosebumps NOT DONE

  2. That’s a damned fine rule. I knew a guy who grew up in 4-H, raising farm animals and showing them at fairs. He described how the freezer at home was crammed full of plastic-wrapped hunks of meat with each animal’s name on them–Potsie, Annabelle, George.. (shudder)

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