Business As Usual

We’ve gone around the sun full cycle.

365.25 days, take it or leave it depending if it is a tropical, sidereal or anomalistic year. Don’t ask me what these means, just throwing words that I’ve never used before. I am thinking of other ways of saying Happy New Year.

How about:
“Happy full sun cycle”
“Happy tropical year”
“Happy sidereal year”
“Happy anomalistic year”

Then there is that dreaded new year’s resolution. We resolve to do something that we eventually break and never intend to do.

We resolve to:
smile more often – just smile
eat healthy – just stay away from fattening food
exercise – just keep on walking
save money – just stop spending
greet people – just say hi or good morning or good day

The list goes on….

What I resolve to be is think like a cat.

2017 doesn’t mean much to a cat. It’s just another day.

16 thoughts on “Business As Usual

  1. LOL. I like your list, Perpetua. It makes sense to me (and I think your way is easier). I wish you would continue the list instead of saying “the list goes on” πŸ˜‰
    Have a wonderful evening.

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