Daily Treat

I know a place, where no one ever goes,
There’s peace and quiet, beauty and repose.
It’s hidden in a valley, beside a mountain stream,
And lying there beside the stream I find that I can dream.

Only a place of beauty to the eye,
Snow capped mountains towering in the sky,
Now, I know, that God has made this world for me.

One can imagine herself but in a dream,
Climbing up a mountain, or down a long ravine.
The magic of this peace and quiet evermore shall stay,
To make this place a haven, each and every day.

Oh how I wish I’d never have to leave
All of my life, such beauty to receive,
Now, I know, that God has made this world for me.


May your Christmas time be bright
from the moment it starts,
With many wonderful things,
that brings joy to your heart.
And may each day throughout the year
brings even more gladness and cheers.
With love and prayers to ALL.
Perpetua, the pilgrim

My daily retreat

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