A Narrow Path

I keep my eyes, mind, and my heart open the minute I wake up. When I step out of my apartment door going out to the open world, in my mind, I say a prayer: “Let every step I take, I take with you”. Then, I start my day’s journey.

I have ridden a camel to walk the desert. In the desert, there is no path. We rely on the  guide of a Bedouin. They know the way by heart. No map needed.

As a pilgrim, I have one thought in mind, looking for the divine where ever I go. Religion plays no role for I consider the divinity in everyone.

The question I ask is: “where did you find Jesus”?

I know it’s pretty hard to see the goodness around us when we are bombarded, literally, with news that breaks our heart. It’s not all bad news, somewhere along the line; there is the ray of good news. That’s what I focus on and the hope of peace and reconciliation.

On my pilgrimage, I consider myself worthy to have an epiphany in places I go. I have to write about it before my mind evades me about a pilgrim story  as a reminder of life’s unexplained adventure.

When I was in Cuba,  most churches were turned into a museum, concert hall or tourist attraction. For me, it is inconsequential since the essence of the divinity is still there.

A fascinating place I visited was a Muslim palace that is still well-preserved including the artwork of the Three Kings riding the camel, eyes fixed on the star guiding them, and finding what matters most to a path that changed the history.

18 thoughts on “A Narrow Path

  1. Loved loved loved this post because it’s words were so profound. Of course the photos were great too aka excellent interpretation of the challenge. May Jesus continue to walk with you on all of your 2017 paths; be blessed!

  2. Nice choice for the photo challenge of path. I can’t imagine riding a camel. I have trouble riding a horse. Good for you! 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you, Perpetua. 🙂

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