A Star is Born

Barbara Streisand is not the only star born as Jewish. There are many Jewish Canadian Stars such as Joanna Gleason, William Shatner, and Lorne Green.

Allow me to introduce a new budding star with the same heritage, Ben, the big brother of Stella.

Mommy dearest was so proud to declare that Ben is in the movie. He plays Charlie in “Operation Christmas 2016” a Hallmark Christmas movie.

The movie was filmed in Whistler, British Columbia.

Ben being still a minor, Mommy dearest has to go to the set on top of a snow-covered Whistler Mountain. Being fair-skinned, she came home sunburnt, beet red, fatigue and dizzy all for the glory of Ben.

Humble that he is, Ben thinks he acted just fine.

Fine? His teacher is so proud, happy and excited to see Ben on TV that he is natural and as cute as ever. She begged not to ever forget to mention his Grade one teacher when he accepts his Oscar one day.

He’s a star!!!

Look at these curls. I just love placing my hands on his hair.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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