Be a Snow Angel, City of Vancouver


Don’t, I say DO NOT listen to the weatherman that rain will enter the atmosphere and will melt all the snow that covered the lower mainland during the weekend.


The City of Vancouver listened to the weatherman or meteorologist therefore did not clear the snow, salted and deiced the road for the commuters on Monday. People that take public transportation to go to work missed at least 3 to 4 hours of work waiting for buses, some went back home and others abandoned their cars.

If I were to calculate this in dollars and cents, we should get the City to pay the workers for lost wages for their undue diligence.

Just take a look at what Sqwabb posted on his site. I work round this corridor.

Today, the City of Vancouver has the gall of issuing notices of “remove snow/ice from your sidewalks to property owners and occupants of the building no later than 10 am, seven days a week, or they may be fined” according to the notice.

Another gong show for the City of Vancouver.

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