Saving the best for last

“Never confuse movement with action.” – Ernest Hemingway

The animals after the hunt gorge themselves from the bounty of the kill, rest after having their fill and go to a deep sleep.

Sleeping is a dangerous activity.

The animal instinct of inactivity ended up on Hemingway’s trophy wall.

As a skillful hunter, he anticipates every action of the hunt.

Being in an African Safari, he never knew of a morning waking that he was not happy.

He may love hunting and successful at it but his greatest catch was the largest Marlin fish weighing at least over 1100 lbs using rod and reel instead of guns and riffle from the boat he built, Pilar.

One can never anticipate how long one lives even if you are a cat with nine lives.

Hemingway buried his fury friends complete with tombstone with their names engraved Black, Negrita, Linda and Neron.

May Hemingway and his cats rest in peace.

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