From Joy to Sadness

News from my native land.

Quezon Xcity, Philippines

To read the story from New York Times, click on the image depicting Missing and New Horizon by photojournalist 

11 thoughts on “From Joy to Sadness

  1. I’m sitting here depressed over the fact Russia influenced our elections, our congressional leaders knew but did nothing as they wanted Trump to win. They knew and did nothing. And now our new President elect is down with Dutarte’s anti-drug scheme. I love my country. I follow several Philippine bloggers and have known and worked with Philippino ex-pats. I cannot imagine the horror.

    • I read the news today about Russia and scared of who Trump chose to be part of his team especially Home Land Security. As for Dutarte, I am hoping that this will NOT happen under the regime of Trump.

  2. Thank you for linking us to this horror story. I hadn’t followed the news, this is the first I have heard – and seen – of this unbelievable brutality. I don\t know what is more shocking – the horror of kids watching a body, the laugh of a policeman as the victim lies before him, the terror of a daughter as she witnesses her father’s body, the cops who are texting about a game as they murder, the duct tape ( simply horrifying) – i think worse is the video where human bodies are dragged out like pieces of old furniture, and the body of a beautiful young woman, left on a garbage pile.
    I am sickened to the cored. Lest we forget the victims of “progress”. and trump wants to emulate this? may the heavens save us.

    • Without the courage of photojournalist, we will never know what is happening since most news are curtailed within the country and that is what we are MISSING. Thank you for reading.

      • Thanks for posting. Very sobering post. Yes, the photojournalist was courageous. So much news gets censored, everywhere.

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