Riding public transit to work: snow bumps on the road

Woke up with a dusting of snow.
Left early to beat the commuters.
Riding the Skytrain was a cinch.
Got off at the Hub, Broadway and Commercial.
A sea of people lined up for the 99 BLine.
Ain’t gonna join the crowd, hop back to the train,
heading downtown instead, to catch the trolley bus.

Hardly any snow on the road,
Hardly any bus, either.
The road is dead.

Granville Street

The little hand of the clock tower is pointing down to six
and the big had is at seven.
7:30 am, plenty of time to be at work at 8 am.
Meanwhile the crowd is starting to multiply.
Thirty minutes later, a lone bus arrived: #4 UBC
Perfect, I can take this rather than wait for another minute.
Or longer.

The driver is kind to jam pack the bus like sardines with
passengers. He had so many antics to make us laugh.
What else can we do but join the gong show of a ‘snow day.’

This is so creepy, the bus driver keeps on saying.
“Where did the rest of the buses go? This is just like
twilight zone. I am the only bus driver on the road!
They vanish, This is so creepy.”

We crossed the bridge and he said “Oops!”
Oops? We exclaimed. What do you mean oops?
“Not to worry, the trolley disengage from the wiring,
I will not abandon you guys in the middle of the bridge.”
A big sigh of relief from the commuters.
We ain’t gonna march down the bus and walk
in the middle of the bridge.

The bus inched forward on a slight incline ever so slowly,
and the driver maneuvered the bus on the slippery slope
from sliding back.

In the meantime, there are plenty of frontal figures when
you are sitting down and these are on my eye level.
I was looking straight ahead of me was a zip line, wide open.

Hmmm…. I can’t look forward. Must look down. Must close
my eyes. Must look to the right, Must look to the left.
Must look up but do not look forward.

Whoa! I found the buses, exclaimed the driver.
We all peaked out of the window and the buses were all
lined up at the steepest slope just after the bridge.
Our bus has nowhere to go and he detoured to
the nearest exit off the ramp and we all disembarked.
Granville Bridge

Before I alighted, I whispered softly to the man
with the zip line that his fly is open. Then I quickly
jump off the bus.

Travelling time to work: 1.5 hours
Travelling time going home: 3 hours

8 thoughts on “Riding public transit to work: snow bumps on the road

  1. My boyfriend has to go through this when he takes transit to and from work. They are always late picking him up from work in the pm so I usually don’t mind picking him up on my way home. Then in the morning they arrive earlier than usual because they have to make other stops as well so he needs to be ready by the time the bus comes.

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