A man and his dogs

All he wanted to have is ten-acre of land and his dogs. For years, that’s all he can think and talk about.

On the land will be a small house with a workshop to tinker around. The spacious land will be wide open for his dogs to run around.

The house is situated in an open area with wide sky in the middle of Montana where tumble weeds will roll around, deer will come and go to graze and snow will blanket the land.

Who on earth will come and visit you in the middle of nowhere, I asked?

Man and his dogs

It don’t matter, he replied, pretending to be a cowboy in a western world.

All I want is to relax with nature.

3 thoughts on “A man and his dogs

    • As Prospero said “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” ~ The Tempest by Shakespeare. Thank you, Tina. Perpetua

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