Believe it or not!

Have you seen Dr. Strange movie yet? Well, it’s full of magic. 3D and all. Very entertaining and worth watching. Filled with magic.

Speaking of magic, I must say the chamber maids in Cuba can work magic.

Being on a vacation, I for one refuse to clean up the hotel room. What is vacation is for? Someone will do it for me, the chambermaids.

I must say, they do magic especially what they can do with towels. Believe it or not!

But then again, I am in the land of magic or voodoo, Cuba. When it comes to voodoo, I think of voodoo dolls.
Voodoo DollSoon after this appeared on my roommates’ bed, I was very scared. Is this really a good luck charm? We are soon to leave this magical land.

The following day when I woke up, lo and behold, the bed next to me where my roommate sleeps, this is what happened.
Where's my roommate?Poof ….  she’s gone!

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