Whatever you do, don’t look at your phone, instead…

Cuban Siesta

“My mind echoes a chant: Don’t look at your phone. Whatever you do, don’t look at your phone.

I sit alone on the bench, outside of a café as I wait for a friend. The lines on each passing face, the way they hold their hands, the postures they keep—it all tells a story. They are strangers, but I fill in details of their lives with imagination and prayer.”

Prayers of a Wondering Mind,” essay of Wyatt Massey.

7 thoughts on “Whatever you do, don’t look at your phone, instead…

  1. As I sit waiting to collect the children of an afternoon, thoughts often wander to my father. Whenever he had to wait in the car, no matter for whom or how long, he ALWAYS took the paper with him to read. Sometimes he would take the paper “just in case”. Looking around the carpark, not one person is NOT on their phone, no matter their age. Me included!

    • Gosh, how time changed, eh? There are far and few in between when I see people just watching, talking or reading. So stop looking on your phone unless you are using it to take photos 😛

      • Definitely, waiting time is editing time of photos only on my phone… unless of course you call, then I’ll use my phone as a phone, hee hee!😂

  2. We should “not look at our phone” a lot more. Every person we see does have a story, this is why we should never judge. Prayer for each person is something always encouraged by my pastor. When you walk by someone, someone in front of you in the check out line, etc.

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