The …t9ers Celebration

It started with an invitation for dinner at a Chinese restaurant, then another invitation for breakfast the following day. And then…

At my age, my diet is becoming simpler, mostly boiled, broiled or baked. Also late night dinners are iffy since I can’t stay awake longer than 8 pm. Tend to fall asleep on the table with my face flat on the plate.

Breakfast is more than like it but it carries on until lunch and afternoon tea.

Today is my birthday, almost a Halloween child.

The family make all the plans and invitation. All I have to do is show up with my credit card to pay for the celebration, no such thing as dutch treat or host bar or whatever the north american way is. The Filipino way is you throw your own party, have your cake and eat it too.

IHOP is the best place for breakfast celebration just right behind where I live. I can see it from my balcony.

Ah, the joy of getting older. Cheap for anyone over 55. Breakfast sampler consists of two eggs, two strips of bacon or sausages, hash brown and toast or pan cakes to a tune of less than $10 dollars. Can’t go wrong with that price and a flowing supply of coffee.

It feels good to be older.

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