Calvin and Hobbes would be perfect in Cuba

In the mind of Calvin and Hobbes, they could easily fly anywhere they want to be. Imagine them riding this catapult and thrown into oblivion and beyond!
Cuba Catapultcv-transOne of the belief system in Cuba is to call on a witch doctor that will do mambo jumbo or incantation with the aid of a live chicken, water and other unidentifiable stuff. They will perform it anywhere. But our guide made a U-turn and stayed far away from them as possible. But I was curious. Maybe, just maybe, they were sending magic spell or hex to Fidel Castro.

Calvin is also the grand master of entrepreneurship by selling his greatest scientific experiment.
Cuba Witch Doctor

cv-plagueCatholicism is still alive and active in Cuba but the Catholics are slowly “taken” away. They believe that goodness will prevail and will crush the evil that permeates the world.

With Calvin, he could easily give a guilt trip to repent.
Cuba Catholicscv-repentWe all know that Hobbes is a stuff animal. For sure! Do you think once Calvin embraces the Cuban world, he will replace it with this beautiful black voodoo doll?
Cuba Voodoo DollIn your dreams! NOT!
cv-dollTake heed on Calvin’s imagination or else he will transmogrify you.

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