Volunteer. I am one of many.

advocateWe are the voice
For public education system
We are Volunteers
I am one of many.

We speak one voice.

dramatic story unfolds
worst than the election
campaign in US of A.

A writer wrote a mourning
as he sees it
in a different perspective.

Update: best comments on mourning by far.

Lady1057 22 hours ago
Bottom line: Mike Bernier and Christy Clark = subterfuge and mandacity
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LarryKaz 1 day ago
And other firings:

“Secondary school classes will be allowed to go larger than 30 students, which will mean about 33 secondary school teaching jobs are cut. About 80 of the lost jobs are people who work directly with kids in roles considered to have either “severe impacts on teaching and learning” or “impact large numbers of students.” The cuts include school support workers for special needs students, teachers, vice-principals, and many specialists like anti-racism and anti-homophobia teacher mentors.”

“My school was about to lose its literacy teacher, band and strings, live resources, as well as the home-schooling program was going to be essentially cut in half.”
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citizenfirst 16 hours ago
Underfunding public schools is a political act.

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