Faithful to Our History

Home of the locals in Havana, Cuba, is rife with history. It’s written on the walls, it’s written on their faces, it’s written on the wind.

Fieles a nuestra HISTORIA: Faithful to our history. Let it be written, let it be done. Lest they forget. I hope not.

Fieles a nuestra Historia

One can only sit back, relax and wait. What are they waiting? Are they waiting for a change?
Havana, CubaOr might as well enjoy the simple things in life while change slowly creeps in….
Havana, Cuba… eroding the history of Cuba.
Havana, CubaOr best to hang out your dirty laundry for people to see that this is the real Cuba. Not those sandy beaches that one imagines.
Havana, Cuba

That there is always an angel watching over you as your turn at the corner of the street,

Havana, Cuba

While the future children of Cuba still wait for change to come at their doorsteps.
Locals in Cuba

5 thoughts on “Faithful to Our History

  1. Yes, this is Cuba. I wonder what it would be like when soon Cuba is open
    to the outside world.
    Time to visit – very soon before the change comes.
    Good pictures ☺️

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