Mosquito Files: The truth is out there.

When photographers write about their assignments, I believe them. They can back it up with photos.

There were two photographers talking about their expedition in the wild. This how the conversation went as I was eavesdropping.

Svtakeiteasy: There is an island in Bass Strait that harbours these huge mosquitoes. I reckon they are as big as people and work in pairs: one to hold you down, the other to sting you!

Bella: OMG! That’s hilarious ! I’ve heard they’re wicked bad in Alaska as well.

Me: That is one tall tale. Would love to see an action picture (directing this statement to Svtakeiteasy).

When it comes to nature, to see is to believe. As a member of National Geographic, I must have seen all the wild and crazy creatures.

Then Svtakeiteasy exclaimed: Hard to photograph when you are held down!

Gosh, knowing this, he is a living proof that he survived it. This made me look for some silly mosquitoes in the web and what he is saying about huge mosquitoes are true.

Even bigger than people! Mosquito files: the truth is out there.

Source of my conversation: Bella Remy.  Thank you, Svtakeiteasy.

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