Going beyond the grain and flow


Most of the time in life, we get caught up in a situation where everything is all about me. We relay our stories to others who are willing to listen, then others will say, what about me?

Woe is me.

Step back and relax.
Look at the big picture.
Is it really about you?

It’s normal, sometimes to think about “me”. It’s necessary. But keep in mind that, it would help to step outside myself. What I think is not necessary what others think of me. Perceptions can be wrong.

Perception is real and is a part of human feelings but can be inaccurate especially when there is no dialogue among other people. It can just go round and round your head.

Woe is me.

Misjudgment is rampant when we perceive inaccurately. It can cause needless worry, ill feelings and will escalate to anxiety and stress. Then it will affect your behaviour negatively.

In reality it may not what I think.

Therefore, see beyond the grain of sand.


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