Yes, Jake, memories of you do last even if you are a cat

To lose a pet always comes with anguish.

You wake up everyday and there they are.
It becomes so much like breathing
you can’t imagine them not ever being there.

They ask so little of us
food, water, love and affection,
yet always they give it back tenfold.

We get so used to them being around that it
might be easy to take them for granted. But,
we don’t for long, if at all, because we love them

I think for most of us losing a pet
is our first encounter with the loss
of a loved one and it stays with us,
and that’s because they become family,



I kept this comment of In  My Cluttered Attic said at Jake, 1997 – 2015, R.I.P. for sentimental reason because I love animal companions and because Kate is celebrating his life since It’s been a year.

13 thoughts on “Yes, Jake, memories of you do last even if you are a cat

  1. I have not read any of Jake’s stories before. Thank you for sharing this one. Always sad to say goodbye to a furry friend. But the memories are certainly wonderful.
    Hope your cats are keeping well. Timmy sends purrs.

  2. It’s never easy losing a loved pet, I’ve lost many over the years and my heart still aches for them…my pup is now 14 and his life may end (when ever) and it will crush me like a boulder on an ant! Pets are so precious! 🙂 T

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