They are not just dogs. It’s us connecting to our other self.

Dogs are not allowed at work even for a quick visit during summer hours when the school is close. They said it’s for health and safety reasons. We might bite the dog.

But I love dogs.

So what I do? I befriend dogs that come around our office ground, a park for everyone to enjoy.

Sammy and Sarah

Sammy and Sarah

This is Sammy and Sarah. Sarah called all her dogs Sammy and this is Sammy the Third. She is an elderly jewish woman who lived in the high-rise next to our office building.

Sammy, Roxy and Denise

Sammy, Roxy and Denise

This is Sammy, Roxy and Denise. They live in the same building as Sarah while Roxy is Denise’s best friend. Denise is retired. When Sarah died, Denise adopted Sammy. Now these two dogs are BFF and inseparable.



Did I say dogs are not allowed in our office? Well, Daisy, is my secretary and harmless. She knows how to chew my report and blame her when the boss asks for it.

dog high five

High Five! Yes, I am in the office and not a single student at the school. Besides I greet everyone that comes in just to say Hi.

dog walker

The only dog that is allowed at school is a seeing eye dog. We are not allowed to pet them while they are in business of walking their humans.

Can you see the look on her eyes when she’s begging to be touched?


And these wolfies are just so adorable. Sigh.

So, go ahead, take your dog for a ride. Love them. That’s the only language they know.

In memory of Zeke, RIP, David Kanigan’s best bud.

6 thoughts on “They are not just dogs. It’s us connecting to our other self.

  1. I pray for the day our pets are allowed to come to work with us! I know some places do this, that’s where I should get a job. 🙂
    Once when I ran across a “working dog”, it killed me to not be able to pet it. The lady said the dog was ALWAYS working so she never got pets and hugs. How in the world can someone do that to a dog, especially a dog that is helping them with their quality of life? I will never forget that. It really bothered me. A dog can not be expected to work 24 hours a day and not get any play, or affection time.

    • Working dogs get to play as well. We have a few at work. It’s similar to us when we work, we need to pay attention to what we do. We have to ask permission first if it’s okay.

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