The joke is on me.

Bored. I was so bored that I need to hear a good joke. So I asked my co-worker to tell me a joke.

Let’s ask Siri, she said instead.

Does this AI capable of making human laugh? Hah!

She started speaking to Siri with her Chinese accent. Siri took awhile to understand her or should I say my co-worker took awhile to speak proper English.

After several attempts of asking: “Hey Siri, got any good jokes?”, we got one.


Fantastic! Ask for another one. So she did.

Siri’s response was: “Are you Siri-ous? Ha Ha Ha.

i guess Siri is a match for Seinfeld.

16 thoughts on “The joke is on me.

  1. LOL – pretty funny πŸ™‚ And that first one is perfect for me, because I’m teaching English right now, so I might try it on my class this morning, and see if they get it! Thanks for sharing the laughter, Harula xx

  2. My girls love playing with Siri. I’ll have to share this one with them. You need to ask Siri when she was born. That’s a good one too…Makes you think those crazy programmers get bored too; making all this code to answer silly questions asked of Siri

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