FUN ~ Bring it on!

What do simple folks do?
Simple folks

We are simple folks that have strong family values. We are community oriented. We live nice quiet lives devoid of drama in comparison to humans in People Magazine or Entertainment Tonight or Camelot.

Every year, WFG (World Financial Group), has a picnic. A tradition not just for business but for family and friends.

A public park is reserved, free of charge. It may be a private function, one has to be invited, but very open to the public.

When it’s open, there will always be an outsider curious what is happening?

I can spot one from miles. A family of god knows how many children, nieces, and neighbors.

What do you do?

Invite them.

Prior to this, I was telling a story to my nieces how I was so hungry in the middle of Trout Lake. There was a group having a picnic and I could smell the bacon and barbecue cooking.

Famished!  I have no shame and asked them for food. The story goes Feed me, please …. They did not turn me away. They welcomed, received and fed me.

So, the moral of the story is when you get to the park and there is plenty of food, when someone is hungry and asking for food, feed them.

Yes, ma’am, nieces replied in chorus and rolled their eyes.

Chcken and Corn barbecue

chicken and corn barbecue

The outsider gravitated towards me. I don’t know why. Must be because of my silver hair and wisdom.

She asked. can the kids stay and play around?
Sure, it’s a free country as well as the park.
As the day progress, the children were looking at the food especially the cotton candy.

Jimmy stole my cotton candy

Jimmy stole my cotton candy

She asked, how can we have some food?
Well, you have to be a member of WFG and wear this green band.
She asked, where can I get the green band?
From my brother, he invited me.
She looked sad and hungry.
Wait a minute, I said, I’ll go asked my brother.

Ask and it shall be given to you.
She received a green band and her family.

Bring on the fun!

As for my nieces, they finally did have fun by participating in face painting.

My dear brother loves to teach people on how to become self-sufficient and manage their money. He has three new audience, people from Sudan, new comer in Canada.

Speech and more speech

Speech and more speech

The ending of the picnic is the best. Water balloon fight!

Just don't hit the photographer!

Just don’t hit the photographer!

Little Jimmy was unhappy for he wants to stay and have more fun with the children from Sudan living in social housing close to the park.

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