One Step Behind – This is my story

How nice the view from up there must have been. It’s difficult to imagine when you’re always looking down. Don’t regret it when you finally see the upside of REALITY because there’s this crazy notion that regrets pile up to push us FORWARD!

Just remember to not LOOK BACK.

I wonder why sometimes it’s hard to breathe when the weight is resting on my shoulders and lungs.

There’s no point in chasing ghosts.

To sacrifice your own passions only to let it crumble at your feet.

Try harder. Be better. Don’t think of yourself and do what they would do. Oh, trust me I’ve tried it more than once or twice. I put myself in their shoes, but the room is too much for me to fill. Always wanting to close the gap only to have it widen at your fingertips.

Never stop caring, just stop comparing. Lead every day with conviction. And if you falter, it’s OKAY.

I’m alive but am I really living? It’s not easier to live a lie to risk the truth. But at the end of the day, I’d rather be happy.

Further & further out of reach, it’s hard to grasp anything when I’ve already spent a lifetime trying to keep up.

VSB Student Artwork

Artist statement: This piece of work is mainly focused on how I’ve grown up with two older siblings in an environment where I felt that I could never catch up to where they are or be as good as them. Overall, it’s a reflection on my childhood. ~ Josephine (student)

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