Send in the Pope

My girlfriend and I had a spat to a point that I said:

“Do not speak to me unless you learn how to be less critical!”
“I will listen to you when you have something good to say!”
“Go away!”

I wasn’t asking for an apology. I forgive before one apologies and teach the person a lesson.

She was stubborn as a mule being a Taurus.

I am a Scorpion.

According to the stars, Taurus and Scorpion is a love or hate relationship.

There is so many ways to apologies without even having to say I’m sorry. Via e-mail, she tried saying nice things about me.

“You are a good cook.”
“You are an excellent gardener.”
“I love you.”
“Love means never having to say you are sorry.”


That’s it. Not good enough and never responded to her e-mails.

Then one day, I received a call from her saying that she left a package hanging on my door knob.

This is how she apologized to me.

Pope's Nose

Apology accepted. And I called her saying, your sins are forgiven.

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