Not for the faint of hearts

CAUTION: Enter at your own risk, the sign says.

Somewhere in the jungle of Cuba, to reach the other side of the mountain, we have to enter a narrow cave.

Cave in Cuba

This is not for the faint-hearted.

Scared? We are the outdoorsy people. We live for the thrill of getting scared!

Care in CubaCaving is easy but not the creepy crawlers that inhabit the dark, dingy, smelly confines of the bowels of the earth.

For one, the walls are covered with spiders. Yes!  The tiniest spider on earth that comes in millions. So stay in the middle and do not touch anything. I repeat, DO NOT TOUCH anything.
imageWhat is that! I just heard a high-pitched sound. Are there rats in here? There it is again! Now I hear birds flying.

Hush… be very quiet and we do not upset these blood sucking creatures.

Oh no, the vampires are coming and hanging from the ceiling. Garlic, we need some garlic to thwart these evil fiends.
imageIt was such a long slow walk passing through this tunnel. Time stood still and our breathing became slow and laborious. Must be very vigilant for the wrong move, we could easily hurt ourselves especially our head.

Heads up!

To see light was a breath of fresh air. And our reward at the other side is this waiting for us.

Bon Appetite.
Cuban Pig


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