Skip the cherry.

My niece is a professional baker.

She found a prodigy, little Jimmie, to take over her profession. Got to start them young, you know.
Icing on the cakeCupcake is Jimmie’s all time favorite with icing and M&M’s on top.

Jimmie’s main instruction was NOT to eat the icing. Can he do that?

Of course not. While my niece has her back turned and me being the paparazzi, taking the series of events as it unfolds.
Eating the icingNiece: did you eat the icing?
Jimmie: No!
Niece: what is that ‘stache on your face?
Jimmie: NO!
Icing on the faceWell, must carry on before he starts crying. Who taught him to lie is anyone’s guesses. I taught him to say Yes all the time.

He was so proud of his creation.
All done. CheeseAs for my niece, dreams do come true for finding the biggest ever cupcake.
Cup cakeThis is the icing on the cake, no cherry on top.

Cherry On Top

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