Paws and a Prayer

Well, Maurice, do pray that cats go to heaven. A movie was made that dogs go to heaven and I am still waiting for Disney to make a movie that cats go to heaven.

This is how I speak to my cat in raising him as a CATholic.

What do I know about heaven when I hardly know the nature of cats.

Even the vets and specialist do not know what is wrong with him. It is a process of elimination.

They prescribed medications, X-rays and suggested further testing, no concrete diagnosis. The meds seem to cause havoc in his system and I just cannot stand this so-called experts.

So I eliminated the meds, vets and specialist.

Time for divine intervention and deep soulful prayer. Let go and let God. And wait for miracles that you will survive and go further beyond your nine lives.

Cat Prayer

Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature. – St. Augustine

13 thoughts on “Paws and a Prayer

  1. Mr Midnight was in the same situation last year and we were really upset that he may”have to go”. We had even chosen the special place in the garden where he was to find his final rest. He was only given a couple of days. I sat with him for many long periods and It may seem barmy but I spoke to him for a very long time. I told him that although I would be very sad I allow him to leave the planet if he so wished. (All souls are connected). It was his choice if he wanted to go and I would respect that. I believe it is the same with all things in life. All souls have lessons to learn and WE DO have the power over our thoughts and actions.
    A day after, he picked up a little and day after day he made small recoveries. He´s now enjoying life again but in a different way. He´s changed. He can now accept our love properly (probably not believing that he could be loved so much) and that is what seems to have given him a “new lease of life”.
    Best greetings from Mr Midnight, Sir WInston and myself.

      • I´m very sorry to hear that. Your heart must be in turmoil but if it is any consolation to you, I do know that his soul has now found beautiful peace and he will always be in locked in your heart. Souls are always connected!

      • He came in my dreams last night and he is ‘whole’ walking towards me. Black as he was, he disappeared in the dark. Thank for comforting words. Now I have to focus on my other cat, Lucy.

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