The Joy of all Joys

Today is the day.
The moment we have waited for.
Pure Joy.
Andrea Joy, AJ for short.


Addition to the Faculty of Education
Minor Elementary
A teacher in our family.
The Joy of all Joys!

11 thoughts on “The Joy of all Joys

  1. Woohoo. All done – after years of blood,sweat and tears! All worth it!
    Congratulations! Go and make a difference in a child’s life; intellectual, mental, psychological, social, spiritual, and how to be a kind, loving, tolerant,
    etc in this world- not easy but can be done!

  2. Congratulations and Blessings to Andrea Joy. May your life of teaching and example bring joy and goodNess to others and to you.

    • Thank, Joanne. I still remember to this date, a week when she was born, we were already out going on a field trip to the island. I carried her mostly to give her Mom a break after nine months in her womb.

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