Mother and Earth: What do they have in common?

The Earth is always pregnant, giving birth to new life. This is the reason we call it Mother Earth. Think about this. It is the very source of life itself. It’s alive.  One doesn’t have to be Neil Armstrong, go to the moon and discover how beautiful Earth is. One doesn’t have to be David Suzuki to spell out the nature of things on this blue planet. All we have to do is walk the Earth in a Labyrinth and go inward. The Earth will whisper to us how we become a great provider.


You can read a book, share a book, leave a book in this bookshelf to share our intellect to others what on Earth we are doing in this one precious life we have. But wait, one does not need to go any further for the reflection what we see in a small frame of the bookshelf will reveal what is priceless and wordless.

The World is a Book

And who gave birth to you but your Mother. A mother does not have to be your birth mother but someone who made countless contributions, patience, generosity, love and infinite provision to us in our life.

Mother Earth and all Mothers, we serenade you with Ave Maria.

Sunset Serenade


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