Participatory Democracy

Participation is admirable. They came prepared. Armed with nachos, cheeses, chips and juices to fuel their hunger for a long night of participation of asking questions, voice their concerns and listen to other speak about the future of their education.
FoodieThey are children. They are students of Vancouver. They are our future.
ChildThey normally just sit to learn and do what they are told to do in the classroom. Not this time. They wanted to participate in democracy.
LoveImagine a grade six female student with so much courage stood in front of the panel of Trustees, authorities, media, cameramen and audience to voice out what would happen should arts, music, librarians, athletics and other program be eliminated due to a growing Vancouver deficit school budget and funding shortfall from BC Provincial Government.

Students Participation
“Changing the world child by child” ~ Roots of Empathy

PS: In other parts of Canada, A Lament for Lost Outport Libraries by Maurice A. Barry.

2 thoughts on “Participatory Democracy

  1. oh wow, good on those kids for speaking up! i had no idea those kinds of cuts were in the works. i still remember the librarian in my elementary school, and she was a wealth of knowledge.

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