It made my teeth hurt, so I wrote.

Talking is part of communication. I must have talked so much for the month of April that it made my teeth hurt.
stella 1April 1 is a fool’s paradise. April 1 is the time when we play practical jokes. April 1 in my line of work is not a joke and not a laughing matter. April 1 is budget time in our school system. It is the time we find out whether some programs are no longer offered, The repercussion is losing our job.

As a member of the public, it is important for me to speak out. I have a voice and I need to use it to empower others. Some may hear me, some may not listen to me.

So, I wrote. I wrote to all concerned parties. Too many names to mention and I opened the letter to Dear All.
VSB Dearl AllAs a start, I wrote about me and gave them an idea what was it like to come from another part of the world educated in a public school. I wrote in simple words.
VSB meThis time, I joined the front line and advocate for the public school system. I attended meetings. I listened to impact statement of the students and parents. It hurts to hear them speak about their fears and concerns.

I care. I chanted to save our school. I carried banners. I exposed myself. I saw myself on the news.

So, I wrote what I think about the systemic failure of our provincial government when it comes to public education. Underfunding and politics. Children do not understand politics, neither do I.
VSB govtBudget is a complicated matter. It involves a whole bunch of numbers that would make your head spin. There are words that I do not understand such as capital assets, pie and icicle charts, trends, demographic, benchmarking. Oh, my brain will explode.

So, I wrote in layman’s term.
VSB vsbI don’t even have children, but I feel for the parents’ woes when the future of their children is at stake. I want them to receive a good education better than what I obtained.
VSB childrenI understand that money is important. It has been an ongoing problem ever since when seashells replaced the barter system, How am I going to educate and make them understand? The only way for me to do that is to quote someone who made an impact on my education. Jose Rizal.

So, I wrote quoting him.
VSB rizalI know how hard it is to be in their position. I cannot tell them what to do. I really wish them well for all the work in this difficult time.

So, I wrote ending my letter wishing them well.

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