Future: the end or the beginning

Here lies the future.
GardenThe future garden.

For months, I assessed it and imagined how it would look like should there be a garden on this space. It was February 28, 2016, when I started digging on this space.

I dug, I toiled, I weeded as if there is no tomorrow.

All I can think of are the plants that will thrive in this sunny spot by the back alley. Lavender, Rosemary, and Poppies.

As a gardener, hope is natural to me. Hoping that these plants will bloom.

This hope brings me to the parable of a fig tree where the owner of the orchard wants to cut the tree down for it won’t bear fruit. But the gardener asks for another year to cultivate the ground around and fertilize it. It may bear fruit in the future. (Luke 13:6-9)

When I finished planting the lavender, rosemary, and poppies; the garden looked just like I imagined. It was good.

Ironically, I will not be there to see it bloom.

11 thoughts on “Future: the end or the beginning

    • The poppy seeds came from my garden here in BC. Needless to say, I will always remember this garden and somewhere along the line, I will find peace. Thanks, gdk.

  1. Indeed, I think I have a shovel in my future, too. And a rake, and a hoe, and all sorts of other garden implements. Thanks for the story and a chuckle. It is raining and cold here in northern Illinois, the grass is greener, and the daffodils are trying to open. Spring is near.Have a wonderful week.

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