Living with Cats during Lent

I don’t want my cats to think they are a god just because Egyptians worshipped them. To make them understand that they are not a god, I read to them the Magnificat Lenten Companion and Living with Christ.

There are nights that Maurice and Lucy are duking it out who will sit on my lap when it’s story telling time. Maurice wins since he is the alpha cat. Lucy is more than happy to give in since she sleeps at the feet of her master. She knows who is the real boss.

It’s quite interesting to see them do their role and dramatize part of the passion of Jesus.

Part I
Jesus asked them to stay up and pray with him. Did they? Not according to the good book. They fell asleep.

Part II
Last supper. I served them canned Tuna being it’s Good Friday, no meat as part of their penance.

Last Supper

Last Supper

Jesus said that whoever dips his paw into his bowl will betray him.

Paw dipping into Jesus' bowl.

Paw dipping into Jesus’ bowl.

One cat left the circle. Who is Judas in this scene?

A cat left the circle

A cat left the circle


Lucy aka Judas

Lucy aka Judas

Let the real Lucy please stand up.



I have to take a break and wash their dishes. In the meantime, they went to the balcony to get some fresh air, had a bit of catnip for dessert and chattered with Hummingbirds.

Joseph Arimathea buried Jesus in the tomb. This time, Lucy took the part of Mary Magdalene guarding the tomb as a loyal servant.

Jesus in the tomb while Mary Magdalene on guard

Jesus in the tomb while Mary Magdalene on guard

They did pretty well and are back to their normal behaviour thinking they are gods sitting on their high throne. This is a big problem. No room for me.

Maybe I will bring them to church on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi and have them blessed. Maybe, just maybe, there will be miracles for these cats.

9 thoughts on “Living with Cats during Lent

  1. I think cats remember that the ancient Egyptians considered them gods and are just waiting for the world to get back to that way of thinking. And, maybe they can be grumpy at times because they think it is taking too long. 🙂

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