Just Planning.

Recently, my sister and I discussed who will take care of our funeral affairs when we die.

This is a serious matter for we are getting on with our lives. I for one could feel my mortality.

We have to update our Last Will and Testament!

I am practically poor and do not much wealth amassed. My nephews and nieces think that I am rich since I have no children. Only cats.

It is still an ongoing joke that whoever will take care of my cats will receive all my so-called millions.

That was then.

Now, I am almost penniless. Most of my money are spent on gardening. Gardening is an expensive hobby that the joy I receive is priceless. Not only me, my neighbour enjoy the fruits of my labour.

What I have to give away is this box as part of my Last Will and Testament.
Last Will and Testament

As for the funeral, we agreed that whoever will survive, will take care of funeral expenses.

For example, should I die first, she will pay for all of the cost of my funeral and will be repaid from my estate. I suggested that 10 percent will be added to the cost as the fee for her services rendered and kindness. That is cheap considering that it takes a year before she will get her money back.

Just planning.

6 thoughts on “Just Planning.

  1. It’s always good to be prepared and ready even in our death. I know where my Earth home will be ( Heaven is my Eternal home). There’s a new tree by my home and it will be grown by the time I move there with my husband . My children doesn’t have to worry where to bury us. All is ready. We also have a service plan when the time comes.

    Hopefully these arrangements will lessen our children’s anxiety and pain that comes with any death . They can concentrate on consoling each other and be happy for us as we are with Our Father already .

    All will be well!

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  2. A good reminder to think about these things. For those of us without kids, it is quite important to have some kind of plan. I like the way you and your sister have thoughts things through and I hope it still a long time before you have to use this plan.

    • GDK, One will never know when the thief of the night will come. So they, be prepared so that others will not be worried about when the thief comes. Here’s to hope. Happy Easter.

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