Deep question deserves deep answer

How am I to approach the problem? Am I to take each problem one by one,
to take fear, look at it, and then study love? How am I to capture the whole thing?

I can’t capture the whole thing but what I can do is reflect, discern, ponder and pray about it. I may not receive the answer that I want. Surprisingly enough, the answer is far better that what I prayed for.

Have you ever studied Theosophy? Theosophy is an esoteric philosophy. It comes from two combinations of words “theos” meaning God and ‘sophia’ meaning wisdom. Putting the two together, God’s wisdom.

Being a curious person, I joined a Theosophical Society and met great thinkers and people with great faith.

Subsequent to this, it was J. Krishnamurti’s reflection on simple questions that made me think of things, simple things, that is difficult to explain or understood for our mind is subjective and fickle.


Have you ever watched a raindrop? The raindrop contains the whole of the rain, the whole of the river, the whole of the ocean. That drop makes the river, makes the ravines, excavates the Grand Canyon, becomes a vibrant thundering waterfall. In the same way, can my mind look at fear, love, religion, god, as a movement, rather than as an isolated introspection, an analytical examination, a dissection? – J Krishnamurti

Today, I am reflecting on an old discussion with one of the bloggers about ‘fate’. He stated: “Crossing the line is always a difficult decision. Each case has its own circumstances. Life is precious even if we could not call it a life anymore. Death will come to us all but do we choose how we die? I think not. Fate will decide.”

I totally disagree since fate is a cop-out.

To think and give in to fate leaves no room for faith. We all have free will but if our will is diminished we succumb next to nothing. We might as well just kill ourselves.

Faith, however. has so much hope to live for. Faith is a given and in my free will, I accepted it wholeheartedly, just as much I choose to believe that it was given to me by an invisible God.

One thing about being a believer and a Catholic, I believe in faith and hold tightly in God’s hand just like a child clutching on Mother’s or Father’s hand in order not to lose them.

I will still go on my merry way, go to work, earn a living, do gardening, have dreams and aspiration, cry some, suffer some, do the best I can and with faith, by the grace and mercy of God, I will find my happy ending.

P.S. My neighbour just told me that there were two bombings in Brussel that attacked the airport and the Metro. Her sister lives in Brussel and takes the subway. She is so agitated that all I can say is that let’s pray that your sister is safe and sound. Now tell me, where is fate? where is faith?

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