What brings you here?

One human being, one heart, one love? Our heart is bigger than having one love. But it is Love. For love is boundless.


He is now to be among you at the calling of your hearts
Rest assured this troubadour is acting on his part.
The union of your spirits here has caused Him to remain
For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name.
And there is love, there is love.

When I was younger, the first artwork I drew was a single flower. I still remember it vividly in my mind with a caption: Love is God, God is Love. It hung in the Chaplain’s office and I was so elated that it was chosen for its simplicity.

The birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees magnify the one love this nature has to offer us. Pure happiness. Unblemished.

Well, a man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home
They shall travel on to where the two shall be as one.
As it was in the beginning, is now until the end
Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again.
And there is love, there is love.

Most people in my family circle, their marital vow is sacred. This means, one love till death do they part. Thirty, forty, fifty years married. Some of them have renewed their marriage vow to strengthen their union.

Well, then what’s to be reason for becoming man and wife?
Is it love that brings you here, or love that brings you life?
For if loving is the answer, then who’s the giving for?
Do you believe in something that you’ve never seen before?
And there is love, there is love.


Yes, love is the answer.

Oh the marriage of your spirits here has caused Him to remain
For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name
And there is love, there is love.

I am so much in love with love. Let me correct that. I am love. I love to love. I loved so many and lost love just as many. But there is only one that is worth suffering for.

At the end of the day, I remind myself by looking at this image on my wall that God loves the world so much, the He gave His only Son. And that Jesus died for us in order to save our souls.

Will you die for someone? Will you give your one heart, one love, one life to someone?




Quotes are taken from The Wedding Song (There is Love) written by Noel Paul Stookey

2 thoughts on “What brings you here?

  1. I’ve always appreciated that song. I have recommended it to many couples I have married over the years… even sang it at a few of the weddings. Thank you for the thoughts you have expressed here.

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