Seasons in the sun

I love the sun.
I want to catch it,
if I could, keep it
for myself.
cuba beach trinidad (1)

As I was about to reach out
for it, a boy races towards
the sun, beckoning to come
along to play with him.
cuba beach trinidad (2)Soon a girl follows
dancing in the golden glow
of the sun setting
on the east
cuba beach trinidad (3)Yonder, a woman slowly
walks with her arms around
her embracing her body to
shield her from the elements.
cuba beach trinidad (4)Now, how can I keep the
sun to myself? When everyone
around me wants it just
as much as I do.
cuba beach trinidad (5)Note: The so-called Cuban winter season is 24 degrees centigrade. This is summer temperature for me in Canada. All photos were taken using an iPad at the beach of Trinidad, Cuba.
cuba beach trinidad (6)
“I am always in love.” ― Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

7 thoughts on “Seasons in the sun

  1. Look at those colours. What a beautiful setting! How’s the water? Did you go for a swim? The water is very inviting.

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