The Problem of Belonging: Being a Catholic in a Big Family

We are a family of 13 and we are Catholic. I happen to be the tenth in line and drop in the bucket in Catholic community.

As a younger sister, the rule is to listen to your elders. be respectful and obey. Obey? I think there is something wrong with this logic.

In Catholicism, there are various Orders. Different rules for different order. Since I am “out-of-order”, I am learning to discern.

In this scenario, there are so many rules: rules to obey, rules to follow, the golden rule, etc. I think there is always an exception to the rule, don’t you think?

My siblings just came back from the Philippines celebrating the Eucharistic Congress and feeding the poor bringing with them some old-time favorites of Philippine delicacies that are hard to find here in Canada.

The easiest way to get our attention is through texting. To this date, I still refuse to own a cell phone and the text goes to my e-mail attached the photo of the menu. We are so excited to get together to feast on this food.

The plan was to get together on Friday for supper at my brother’s place. This message went out on Thursday, late notice, I think.

Of course, there is always one sibling that cannot make it on Friday and would prefer to have it on Saturday requesting my sister who arranged the gathering to change the date.

To change the date, we have to do it in a democratic way, by vote. Majority rules.

What the….

So I put in my thoughts without having to vote. This is plain and simple by using the rule of Catholicism.

• It’s Lent
• It’s Friday
• Friday is Fast day

This is a sure-fire way to throw the fear of God. Next thing I knew, the date changed to Saturday.

It worked!

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