Ordinary act of an ordinary man

Sirish BCThese two young porters were passing by Imja Valley, Everest Region, Nepal at an altitude of above 5,000 meters with carrying goods for a trekking/climbing group.

In Nepal, such porters can earn only a minimal sum of money despite their hard work in such a high altitude and food is expensive there.

These boys were carrying heavy loads with having some light food only just to save the money and it is really hard to move at such altitude even without carrying goods on an empty stomach.

The laying down porter on the trekking trail was unable to move due to hunger.

I was there all alone (I always travel alone) on a day trip with carrying my food pack and I gave them all of my food without eating anything. I was really hungry and had less energy, but it gave me a lot of self-satisfaction with this deed and with this positive energy,

I managed to reach my destination by evening without having food.

(I am not that much good as a human being as I am just an ordinary man with having innumerable limitations, but sometimes I can try for being a better man just for my inner peace and self-satisfaction.)

Happiness is doing small things for others by Sirish B.C.

Note: This reminds me of the parable of The Good Samaritan.

“Think of the sufferer, put yourself in his place, consider, who needs help from me? Then you will see that love’s demand knows no limit.”

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