7 thoughts on “Hey, What’s Up?

      • sorry if I break the bubble here … but some research outside of mainstream might be most enlightening … America and England started this mess … actually if you look wars in general … try to look at where the MONEY is going … WHO WINS … America has been in one war or other for 222 YEARS out of the the 239 since 1776 …. NO OFFENCE or anything but that’s a lot of feeling threatened by being the AGGRESSOR …. with every one the same people got more and more money … selling weapons to BOTH sides of ALL conflicts

        All this shit around the Mediterranean / Africa … is OVER OIL .. Petrodollars … and the countries bombed .. all stood up and would not comply to the pressure to bye in US dollars … as they ALL had enough GOLD in their reserves to cover their own currency … whereas The US & UK …. DO NOT … this was the same with many countries now bombed to shreds … they were before US n UK etc intemperance independent … had very GOOD FREE HEALTH CARE Schools and universities … their close were like ours … the were FREE … now they are stuck in religions regimes .. that comply with the petrodollar for Oil ….

        PLEASE GOD WAKE UP … over there folks .. its so OBVIOUS …

        Its time to wake up and see … so we can get peace on this planet

        Its as obvious … but as ardently denied as … your thanksgiving … masking the biggest genocide in world history … mascaraing Native women and children .. with purposefully smallpox laden blankets amongst much else … its a creepy history .. that we learn this side of the pond … but seems its not taught by those that committed the crimes …Over 50 MILLION DEAD since Columbus invaded
        That is SO FAR BEYOND HORRIFIC … and half of which was with the European settlers … with NO RESPECT for another life but a white one 😦

        As for Russia n Putin …. well he took 3 days to stop and bomb “ISIS” or the war machine propaganda MERCENARIES that the US n UK with satellite equipment that can see if you have burgers or sausages on your grills in you back gardens …. but could not see hundreds of armoured trucks .. n men nor find them in YEARS ….. He has stood UP in the Climate change summit and NAMED … all countries paying ISIS including US n UK ….

        personally I am ashamed of our government here …. PLEASE PLEASE wake up to yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESEARCH

      • I really do not understand your rant. But anyway, I will leave it as is for others to read or better yet, I will post it on your behalf

      • I will try and clarify

        I find it so beyond sad that the words thankfulness and Giving .. in the commercialised Thanksgiving that you celebrate .. his hiding the historical fact of the biggest Genocide .. murder of natives by the millions was committed by the white settlers .. even now there is segregation .. and up until the late 1970 Native children ere forcibly removed from their families and put into white foster homes or government children’s homes ..

        the was references … if you do a little research / reading .. of not just American history books .. but English / German / French / African Russian etc etc … a more complete view of real world history is plainly obvious

        this goes for very many things ….

        my sadness goes so deep when I see so many people all across America who just simply do not know some of the most basic historical facts of their own country … and especially the facts ..and information that is all over .. from Scientists Historians … very qualified folks indeed …. who have followed the trail of financial gain . and corruption … non of which is shown in your mainstream media .. or in ours here …

        I was always an inquisitive child …. I want to know why .. and how .. and most of all I want to know .. HOW can we ALL STOP WARS and have PEACE ..
        and studying that for over 20 years … I keep coming to the same conclusion … TRUTH .. like the SUN and the MOON can never be hidden for long … it must be seen …

        & we each and every one of us much act through LOVE .. and do onto others as we wish they do onto us …

        and I do not understand how people are not seeing that the people behind our governments are selling us out .. to big business

        The first episode in this explains it better than I can … if you will give yourself the gift f viewing it … you will understand ❤ … https://go2.thetruthaboutcancer.com/global-quest/replay/?cid=411137875

        The gentleman who's made this documentary did all the research because both his parents died from cancer and he wanted to know why no doctor talked about all the cures he was being told about … He spent several years travelling the world with a film crew talking to doctors and scientists from all over the globe .. its an amazing documentary …

        Like I said this weekend all episodes are free to watch .. Please this can save so many lives …
        and knowing history on all the ranting I did yesterday can also save lives .. so we do not repeat in in other ways .. is also so important ❤

        Sorry for the ranting on your blog … Yesterday I had a bit of what felt like explosions of ignorance around me .. and I do not want to live in a world with another world war in it .. ❤

        Love and Light to you ❤

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