Wendell Berry and (mps)

So friends…
Jimmy, GG, Garden

Every day do something that can’t compute.
          (Live off the grid.)
Love the Lord.
          (Love Yourself.) 
Love the World.
          (Love all things great and small.)
Love someone who cannot love you back.
          (Love who does not deserve it.)
Work for Nothing. 
          (Be of service to others.)
Ask questions that have no answers.
          (Understand that we know very little.)
Be joyful though you have considered all the facts.
          (Accept the facts.)
Invest in the millennium.
          (Invest in love and friendship.)
Plant Sequoias.
          (Plant a garden, decorate your own soul.)
Put your faith in the two inches of topsoil
          (Praise Mother Earth)
that will build under the trees every thousand years.
          (for we belong to Mother Earth not Her to us.)
Practice Resurrection.
          (Practice Compassion.)

~ Wendell Berry (mps)

What could be more “Ornate” but humanity, natural wonders of nature and words of Wendell Berry.

2 thoughts on “Wendell Berry and (mps)

  1. Thank you, Randall. This is the beauty of photography to capture a perfect moment. The words of Wendell Berry is inspirational and I put in my own words to make it more meaningful for me. Wishing you good days ahead.

  2. The photograph is awesome, just looks like a perfect childhood and family…and how to get there ~ those words are a great path to follow. Wishing you a great weekend Perpetua, the words above started my Sunday off perfectly. Thank you!

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