The only way to celebrate.

When it comes to birthday, we do not wait for anyone to remember our birthdays. We make sure that everyone knows it.

This is a Filipino tradition.

Traditionally speaking, we throw our own party, invite as many people as we can and cater to them. If we don’t, no one will remember it.

For the month of October, there are so many celebrants and we just have one big birthday party. We celebrate it on the day of the party animal, the youngest and that’s not me.


Well, today is my birthday!
I normally skip town.
Do whatever I want.
Wear whatever I want.
Gosh, it finally feels good to grow up.

What do you do for your birthday? How do you treat yourself on this very special day.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”


19 thoughts on “The only way to celebrate.

  1. I sit and look at nature and eat ice cream. Have a moment to myself at least once during the day and hope to spend lots of time with my family. Happy Birthday. God grant you many many years!

  2. Happy Birthday! May you have a wonderful day whatever you do. I was born in January. No one wants to celebrate in the cold dreary post-Christmas time period. I need to celebrate my half-birthday in July!

  3. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Seeker, Happy birthday to you!. Luckily the copyright has ‘expired’ on that song, so I can sing it in writing without fear of being hit with a fee. 🙂

    Me? I like to hide and pretend it isn’t happening, that way I mightn’t be a year older

    • I didn’t know that there is an expiration date on birthday songs. Fear not, the whole world is singing this song. Marti, you cannot hide….. Thank you for the song.

  4. Many happy returns!

    Birthday celebration here is spent with the family eating cake, pasta, ice cream, and something spicy. When the situation allows, I invite friends or have a separate meal with them.

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