Sense of Wonder

Scaredy cat

Do you know that we are just like cats that get scared easily, fearful? So be careful. All we need is love.

Yesterday, I attended a conference in renewing my sense of wonder by bringing together theological, psychological and spiritual awareness of healing and forgiveness.

It is good to hear that as human beings, we experience anxiety, guilt, shame, depression and fear.

The biggest stumbling block and a barrier is FEAR.

Fear turns to anger, sadness, guilt, and so many negative feelings and emotions. The good, the bad and the real emotions. The unhealthy feeling that would suck the living life out of you. Or the healthy one that would move you to restore one’s stability.

The good thing about these feelings, emotions, and moments are they are teachable emotions and moments. Yes, it’s momentary situation. Not an all or nothing. It can teach us to be a better human being. We can learn from it.

On a theological standpoint, Psalm 139 is quoted throughout the course.

For example on depression: “Even darkness is not dark to you.” (Psalm 139.12) There is the dark night of the souls as St. Teresa of Avila had gone through. On mysticism, The Clouds of Unknowing, written by St. John The Cross, is very comforting.

The facilitator reminded us further and quoted the creation in Genesis. “God created man in his image, in the divine image he created them; male and female. On the sixth day, God looked at everything he created and found it very good.

We are good … inherently good.

On the psychological point of view, we need to seek medical attention. The medical field made a quantum leap in discovering medication and therapy that helps us live the gift of life. We need to keep on searching for a community of family, friends, and services that will enable us to function to the fullest of our ability. We need people for we are social being and stop alienating ourselves.

Feelings are feelings. They come and go.

To begin – understand the feeling. What is it telling you? It is a reminder that we are human beings. If you do not feel, that is a problem. You have the right to feel but do not have the right to act on it that can be disastrous to others or you.

These are basics and common sense.

On the spiritual point of view, this involves praying and meditation. Think of it as breathing process. All you have to do is breathe and be grateful for the gift of breath. No need to use your brain and play movies in your head. Ride on that breathes for it will take you to the spiritual realm that you need and not what you want. Do not think for our mind has a great ability to deceive ourselves. Have faith.

A bishop and a doctor facilitated the conference.

The doctor is a practitioner of psychology with pastoral background from the diocese of Denver and Los Angeles plus working on the criminal justice system in prison. A delightful man with a Scottish accent, with so much experience in dealing with common folks like me.

The bishop is a tall man wearing his bishop garb and pink hat.

Questions. So many questions from the attendees.

I submitted a questionnaire:

When depression turned to suicide even one is deeply Catholic,

  • how does one live with this thought in a Christian way?
  • they say suicide is a sin, does this mean the person is condemned to hell?
  • how can we pass beyond the dogmatic teaching about suicide?

I saw the bishop picked my questionnaire and seemed to be in deep thought as he was reading it. He came up to the podium, read my question and answered it.

The answer was yes, no and maybe. He did not touch upon the dogmatic side. The short answer was that we do not have the right to kill.

Well, that does not answer my question.

In his discourse, he asked: What is God’s favorite game to play?”

Seriously, no one answered but me. What a bunch of very serious people.

Answering it on the top of my voice: Hide and Seek.

Correct he responded and he went on a long explanation about the game that put me to sleep and hide from the bishop.

Exactly three years ago, I wrote in my About Then  page:

One Minute Meditation:  The Master became a legend in his lifetime.  It was said that God once sought his advice: “I want to play a game of hide-and-seek with humankind.  I’ve asked my Angels what the best place is to hide in.  Some say the depth of the ocean.  Others say the top of the highest mountain.  Others still the far side of the moon or a distant star.  What do you suggest?”

Said the Master, “Hide in the human heart.  That is the last place they will think of!”   Anthony de Mello, SJ

The lesson I took away from this is to have no fear.  My faith remains intact.

Today is another milestone that I can add that I continuously face the fear of writing.

So, this is my story. What is your story?

17 thoughts on “Sense of Wonder

  1. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. I have looked fear in the face many times, but there are other times where I have chosen to run far and fast. I am at a place right now where I need to face a couple of fears and I am feeling a bit more able to do so after reading here. Thanks. PS – cute picture

    • The only way to dispel fear is love. If one has love no matter small it is, it can overcome fear. Fear can help us navigate the treacherous water and tide of life. Tee hee, that is my cat, Lucy.

  2. I like the story by Anthony de Mello. A good reminder to look inside. As for fear, sometimes it keeps us from danger and sometimes it causes us to fail. I’m a big fan of trying to improve discernment. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. wow, some big thoughts for an early Sunday afternoon. and my story? well, part of that is on my awards page. but i am grateful to know that God is for us – for me – and not against us.
    and i believe that a God who is kind and merciful, who has given the gift of life and said, among other things ‘you shall not kill’, has also said – who is not against me, is for me, and his mercy is bigger than judgement. According to the Gospels, Jesus died for all sins, and I believe if I were to say that one sin he cannot forgive is suicide, then I think I am not fully understanding the heart of God. And while I think it is tragic that someone could find no other option in life but to take their own life, and I would sow a seed of hope for everyone who is feeling hopeless and encourage them to get help, I still believe that God’s love in our hearts is bigger than all fear.

    • Hi Kriz, I read your story in your award page I am going to copy it for my treasure chest blog. Love your thoughts!
      “I think that God is sometimes given a bad rap, and that he is a lot more wonderful, kind, caring, compassionate, generous and fair than he is often given credit for. It has been and continues to be a wonderful adventure discovering what he really is like, and learning in the process that he likes me, and everyone else, too. And that he likes to be spoken to. In fact, I am finding out that he would much rather I speak with him than about him. And so for the record, Abba, I like you, too. Am grateful to know you and for being able to talk with you without having to impress or convince you about anything. Couldn’t imagine my life without you. Even though it was only worth one dollar for a few moments on a day that does not seem possible to have already been so long ago.”

      • thanks for sharing it. those words were written a few years ago, but they still hold true…
        wishing you much joy in your journey of adventure with God.

  4. Very inspirational. It is hard thing to overcome fear. Feels like a brick wall and all that truly stands in one’s way is often yourself, in the hesitation before taking that next step. Thank you for writing, your words have helped to propel me forward.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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