Me Too.

I have a mental illness, and I am fine.

depression comic

A Comic That Makes You View Depression From A Different Perspective. (click on the image)

Me Too conversations event is designed to help shatter stigma surrounding mental illness through sharing and listening to stories.

16 thoughts on “Me Too.

  1. Perpetua, in school, we learned to solve a lot of complicated problems involving various scientific and technological phenomena. That stuff seems easy compared to what goes on in the brain. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Pee Too…. 🙂 I am so glad that VGH is hosting the first of the series. Mental Illness is one of the major factors in absenteeism at work and we collectively must face it.

      • Sadly there’s still that childish view that once a diagnosis is made, you’re cured – if only ! Here’s to more awareness of the long-term battle.

      • Too funny. I was telling someone at work that it’s mental health week. That people at work think that they are smart and free of “mental” stuff. Girlfriend, this is an insane organization. It’s an insane world. To think that you are not “mental” how mental can that be! Bwahahaha….

  2. i hope i never get a depression. The only one that can help is you. You yourself.
    its hard and i have seen around me.
    Its a deep pit and its extreme difficult to get out

    • There is always hope. Look around you, the people who survived have the greatest courage of all. With the help of medical practitioner, caring people, discussion to stomp the stigma and faith are some of the best cure. There are great thinkers and successful people that are inflicted with this disease.

  3. Good campaign… Anything that helps raise awareness is a good thing. My father suffered from depression and it was a confusing thing to understand whilst growing up as a child. It just wasn’t talked about back then

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