The Fisher King

A series of photographs taken during my pilgrimage to India in 2014.
Fisher King

Our bus was at a standstill during rush hour and I saw this man crossing the road.
Fisher King (1)A barefooted man wearing a sack for clothing.
Fisher King (2)He bent down to pick up something and a man saw him.
Fisher King (3)As soon as he collected what was on the ground, he carried on walking.
Fisher King (4)What happened next was the man who saw him gave him something to eat.
Fisher King (5)Accepted whatever it was, he carried on walking.

Now, tell me what is “(Extra)ordinary” about this series of shots?

7 thoughts on “The Fisher King

  1. The coincidental link between the story of the movie “The Fisher King” and how you captured a real life link, including “KingFisher” in the background – amazing. Nicely done. The b&w really adds to the depth for me as well. Thanks.

  2. You encompass a range of feeling with this photo series ~ no matter how low and difficult like can be, there is nothing like a good deed to set things straight. Beautiful post Perpetua.

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