The Way of a Seeker of Life

Every morning, when I look at myself in the mirror, this is what I see.

Not my tousled hair,
not the morning star at the corner of my eyes,
not the blemishes on my skin.
Life is a prayer

But this reminder what Life is all about.

It is the Way of Life, for me.
Not coming from my thoughts,
nor words I learn.
or the speech I utter.

But a prayer that comes from the heart.

No words.
In the silence of Love.

“The way you pray is the way you live. We live in the power of transcendence by praying at depth. Not just salat and liturgy, but contemplation. The whole purpose of this life, said St Augustine, is to open the eye of the heart by which we see God. . . The means are what religion teaches if it does not mistake itself for the end: waiting, patience, stillness and, particularly important in an age of instant communication, silence. [. . . .]  – An excerpt from Laurence Freeman OSB, “Prayer as Meeting: A Christian-Muslim Gathering,” The Tablet, September 2006.”

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