We are swept along by
the onrush of life, and we
grasp and grapple,
fondle and fiddle, until in a
moment of lull when we
are most ourselves, we
rest weary hands on our
brows to wonder where
to it leads when we rush
all about.



Life is not meaningless:
it is not senseless. But
meaning and sense are
born of reflection and

We must give ourselves
time. Time to ponder and
pray. Time to discover
God’s loving hands in our

Life rushes on and to be
alive we must rush along
with it. But must we rush
with dull unfeeling hands?
May we not, unlike the
ape or the machine, feel
with quickened sense the
touch of God in those we

May we never forget to
draw from Jesus the graces
to make our dreams come

Encounter with the Cenacle
With Sr. Lily October 1991

3 thoughts on “Encounter

    • You have picked the essence and message of the poem. I posted it thinking of all the busyness of the people I love and means to me and have no time for me. I suppose it’s one of my pity moments. Thank you, Randall for your thoughts. Blessings, Perpetua

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