Something is in the air

Nothing can dampen our enthusiasm even an overcast day as we waited in anticipation what the sky has to offer us.

A Great Day

Would it be rain or Air show?

It was the best time to be had with the children. On top of that, the reporter/photographer included shots of the children in our local newspaper Delta Optimist.

For better Mesh photos, click here.

Was it good? What can be ‘gooder’ (as what the children would say) than the best day of their life!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

7 thoughts on “Something is in the air

  1. The Abbotsford Air Show? If so, we were driving down the Fraser Highway on a Sunday when there shouldn’t have been much traffic and had to contend with the gawkers gawking from their cars! It took us FOREVER to get into Vancouver! But it is a thrilling site to see.

    • The traffic does get chaotic for this annual event. I’m sorry that you have to encounter how small our highways are 🙂 The airshow it always worth seeing.

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