The only way to explain it

Well, there is really no good way to explain what creepy or gross or disgusting is when it comes to science and put it into reality. The closes I can project is when I bought a couple of mangoes. One has no bruise and one has a slight black marking.

When I cut it up, this is what the inside looked like.

This reminds me of cancer in a body. No explanation necessary.

What do you think?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

17 thoughts on “The only way to explain it

  1. Looks like man was trying to play God again,
    why can’t farmers and growers just let nature take it’s course ? ? ?
    Picked green and packed too tight.
    Love, hugs and go organic … ME and the Boss

    • This is what happens when commerce comes into place of business. For the sake of almighty bucks, we got ripped off. I bought organic avocado yesterday, the same result. Rotten.

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