The Beautiful

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

On the other side of the world, make-up is what makes a Chinese opera beautiful.

Features of makeup is divided by color: black, white, red, golden and five-color face.
beauty chinese opera

Black faces characterize roughness and robustness. Mostly used to represent strong-willed and brave military officer.

White faces implicating suspicion, deceit and insidious often represent treacherous court officials.

Red faces are signs of justice, loyalty and integrity.

Golden faces signify majesty, boldness, and the quality different from ordinary people.

Five-color faces using five or more colors represent the monster or the gods of constellation in the heaven and the mysterious characters reincarnated from deities.

From my previous post Chasing Beauty, which one would you marry? Or, which one will pay you to marry him?

Source: Vancouver Public Library

5 thoughts on “The Beautiful

  1. ooh, I like to learn something new. Funny how red is justice and loyalty, to me it represent anger, greed etc. Mmm, who to marry – how the sixth one who must be hiding – he’s hot pink with purple spots

    • I think red is feeling embarrassed being angry and greedy thus it turned to justice and loyal. Which sixth one? From the top, bottom, right left….etc. Pink with purple spots sounds an alien from your site, Marti. 🙂

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